4 Axis Foam Airfoil Tutorial

1.    Make sure you have version or later.
2.    Download airfoil.zip and save to your DeskCNC folder.
3.    Select menu Options - Misc., set the post Processor to 'FourAxisLinear'.
4.    Select menu Options - Foam, set the Wire Diameter = 0.125 and the Step = 0.010.
5.    Select menu Setup - Machine Setup - Machine, set your machine to 4 axis w/ Linear.
6.    Select menu File - Foam Cutter - Open Top/Left/Larger and select the airfoilbig.dxf file.
7.    Select menu File - Foam Cutter - Open Bottom/Right/Smaller and select the airfoilsmall.dxf file.
        a.    The screen should look like...

8.    Select menu View- Information Tags, a marker is placed at the beginning of each region.
9.    Select menu Edit DXF -  Change Start/Depart.
        a.    Left Click on the Top Tail of each airfoil.  The marker is positioned at this point showing the Start of the region.
        b.    Your screen should look like this...

10.    Select menu Toolpaths - Four Axis Foam Cut and enter the following...
        a.    Feedrate = 30.0, Approach Height = 0.5.  
        b.    The Approach Height is the absolute height the wire will traverse at to reach the Start Point of each region.
        c.    Click the Create button.  Toolpaths are created with the approach settings.
11.    Select menu Toolpaths - Run Machine.
        a.    Accept the default filename and click OK.
        b.    The toolpath GCode file is created and automatically loaded into the GCode Editor.
12.    The GCode editor will look like this...

13.     If you have the optional DeskCNC Controller attached, you can now run your hot wire foam cutter and create this airfoil.
        a.    The Hot Wire will start and end at the same time near the tail of the Airfoil.