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A small testimonial from Hollywood Foundary...


"Hollywood Foundry is a manufacturer of model railway parts, including a powered motor drive bogie called the BullAnt. One of the critical tasks in the manufacture of the BullAnt is the drilling of the main structural spine section. This is a 1/4" x 1/8" brass C channel section that requires a number of 1.4mm diameter holes to be drilled to a positional accuracy of 0.1mm.
The BullAnt may be supplied in many variations, chosen by the purchaser. Each BullAnt is, in effect, custom made, therefore the number of holes that must be drilled can vary between 5 and 11. In addition, the position of each hole is completely variable. The drilling of these holes would have been a nightmare to do manually, and particularly so when the process must be managed by operators not skilled in precision drilling techniques.
After consultation with Ron Sher in Melbourne, Australia, a Sherline model 5410 CNC-ready mill was chosen, purchased and delivered within two days. A three axis servo-motor CNC package was ordered from CNC Tecknix in Sydney Australia, and supplied two weeks later due to the need to order servo motors from the USA.
Hollywood Foundry wanted a custom-designed software package to control the process, with a touchscreen interface. The position of the holes is determined by the wheelbase of the bogie as chosen by the customer, therefore the software had to calculate the hole positions after the operator had keyed in the wheelbase dimension via the touchscreen. Carl Kendrat at DeskCNC was contacted and kindly supplied demonstration software utilizing their API. Within two days a custom application was written, debugged and working.
Altogether, a remarkable piece of cooperation by all concerned and it provided a perfect solution to the problem."